Education: Studied Archaeology at the Department of Archaeology in Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of History (2021); doing her Master course in Archaeology there (2021)

Mentors: V.V. Sedov, N.V. Enyosova

Key research interests: Architecture of Medieval Rus’ , Byzantine architecture; Cave architecture; building materials; Novgorod archaeology; architectural archaeology; Natural science methods in Archaeology;  Speleology; study of artificial caves

Archaeological Field Excavations with Novgorod Architectural and Archaeological Detachment (since 2019)


Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology Journal of Paleolithic Archaeology (2020) 3:967–988. Aitor Ruiz-Redondo; Katherin Yanovskaya; Vladislav S. Zhitenev. The Easternmost European Palaeolithic Artists: Iconography and Graphic Features at Kapova Cave (Southern Urals, Russia), рр. 967988

Cappadocia-Hypogea 2017 Proceedings of International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Caves. D.V. Albov, T.N. Isakova, E.G. Ianovskaia. Paleontological and physico-chemical methods for identification of limestone as a construction stone. 2017/İstanbul