Education: Studied at the Faculty of History in Dagestan State Pedagogical Institute (1949); completed his postgraduate course at the Institute of History of Material Culture of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1953).

Mentors: R.M. Magomedov, E.I. Krupnov.

PhD: The Age of Copper and Bronze in the History of Dagestan (III–II millennia BC) (1953). Academic Supervisor E.I. Krupnov.

Doctoral Thesis (The Higher Doctorate): The Caucasus in the Eneolithic and Early Bronze Age (V–III millennia BC) (1971).

Key research interests: Archaeology, ancient history and culture of the Caucasus and Middle East (Neolithic, Eneolithic and Early Bronze Age).

Other Professional Activities: Director of the Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences (1991–2003); Corresponding Member of the German Archaeological Institute (since 1985) and the Italian Institute for Africa and the East (since 1990).

Archaeological Field Excavations in central and southern regions of the European part of Russia, Bulgaria, Afghanistan; Head of the Iraqi (1969–1984) and Syrian (1988–2010) expeditions.


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