Education: Studied at the Faculty of Philosophy (BA, 2017) and Philology (MA, 2019) at School of the Humanities (National Research University Higher School of Economics)

Mentors: F.B. Uspensky, A.A. Hippius

Key research interests: History and culture of pre-Mongolian Russia, History and culture of medieval Novgorod, Birch-bark manuscripts, epigraphy of Medieval Rus’ cathedrals, Typology and systematisation of graffiti drawings, Textology of Russian chronicles, Onomastics

Archaeological Field Excavations in Novgorod (since 2010), including excavations with Novgorod Architectural and Archaeological Team (since 2014)


Щеголькова Е.Ю. Святая Фёкла в программе росписи церкви Спаса на Нередице // Древняя Русь. Вопросы медиевистики. 2018. №2(72). С. 142–158.