Dear colleagues!
We are pleased to invite you to take part in a conference entitled “Glass along the roads of Eurasia in Ancient times and Medieval period”, which is to be held in Moscow on September, 28th – October, 2nd 2020.

This meeting, organized by the Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Historical Museum and M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, will be focused on the issues of the production and origin of ancient glass, its place and role in the everyday life and culture of people in ancient Eurasia in various periods from the Classical period to the Middle Ages. One of the sessions of the conference, which will be held at the State Historical Museum, will be dedicated to the memory of Nina Sorokina, well-known Russian specialist in the history of ancient glass, who was a Senior Keeper of the Greek and Roman collection in the Museum for many years. Among the objectives of this conference will be to acquaint specialists with recent finds and results of the research of archaeological glass in Eastern Europe from the Roman time to the Middle Ages, including those of Medieval Rus’.

The topics of the Conference include the following:
1. Glass in the Roman Empire, Byzantium and neighboring regions
2. European medieval glass
3. Islamic glass
4. Glass of the Medieval Rus’
5. Beads as imported goods, attire element and chronological indicator
6. Scientific methods in the glass studies and the issues on composition and origins of ancient glass

The working languages of the Conference will be Russian and English

Organizing Committee
Peter Gaydukov (co-chairman, Deputy Director of the Institute of Archaeology RAS)
Anatoly Kantorovich (co-chairman, Head of the Archaeology Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Andrey Yanovsky (co-chairman, Deputy Director of the State Historical Museum)
Natalia Birkina (State Historical Museum)
Inna Kuzina (Institute of Archaeology RAS)
Yulia Likhter (Archaeological research in construction business LTD)
Olga Rumyantseva (Institute of Archaeology RAS)
Ekaterina Stolyarova (Moscow State University)
Svetlana Valiulina (Kazan Federal University)
Denis Zhuravlev (State Historical Museum)

Travel, accommodation and other expenses are to be covered by the participants. By request we can book accommodation in the hotels affiliated to the Russian Academy of Sciences or in a Moscow State University residence at a reduced price (more detailed information see in the Application form).

An application form is enclosed. Applications for those wishing to attend should be sent by January, 12, 2019 to the following address:
Texts of the abstracts may be sent till February, 28, 2020

Provisional timetable:
January 12th 2020 – Deadline for applications
February 28th 2020 – Deadline for abstracts submission
March 15th 2020 – Abstract acceptance and notification
April 2020 – Second circular and announcement of the program

Provisional program
Monday September 28th
Welcome and opening of the conference
Tuesday September 29th
Session, dedicated to the memory of Nina Sorokina
(State Historical Museum)
Visit to the exposition of State Historical Museum
Wednesday September 30th
Poster session
Closing session of the conference
Thursday and Friday, October 1st – 2nd
Excursion program (to be announced)

This program is to be elaborated further after the processing of the applications.
Its final version will be announced by the end of April 2020.